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Sustaining a community requires awareness and understanding of the health and safety hazards it faces.


We are an independent research collective focused on hazardous technologies that pose risks to people and the environment. We are politically agnostic, environmentally conscience, and public health concerned.


We specialize in information symmetry, working with organizations and communities to up-grade public understanding of hazardous technology risks.  In short, we provide the technical expertise needed to level playing field.


We work with nonprofits, civic groups, community action organizations, political staffs, student organizations, NGO's, and the non-partisan press; we provide these organizations with access to university research-level expertise that would otherwise be unavailable.


We deliver audience tailored technical seminars, technical training, report critiques, assistance with analysis, analytics, and editorial commentary.


We critique, clarify, agree or disagree with risk analyses prepared or reported by industry, government agencies, consultants, regulators, political think tanks, and partisan media.

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