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Areas of Expertise

Predictive Modeling

HazTechRisk.Org affiliates include experts on physics-based modeling of equipment and operations, catastrophic accident outcomes and consequences, hazard and threat analysis as they are functionally related to community safety. 

Risk Analyses, Engineering Economics, Regulation

Our affiliates specialize in mapping technological hazards into economic metrics, value at risk, and the economics of community safety and environmental health.

Chemical Process Safety

We have experienced researchers and practitioners with expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies and operations in the Chemical Process industry.

Hazardous Production Operations, Transportation, and Storage

HazTechRisk.Org has particular expertise in hazardous production operations, hazardous material transportation & storage, and distribution of materials and products that present as a hazard to community safety and environmental health.

Energy & Utilities

HazTechRisk.Org has resident experts in electric power production from nuclear, coal, natural gas, and diesel sources.


We have specialists with both practical and research experience in high-pressure pipelines safety and risk.

Hazmat Transportation & Storage

HazTechRik.Org affiliates have particular expertise in risk analysis focused on hazardous material handling, transportation and storace.

Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production

We have affiliates experienced in oil & gas exploration, refining, sour gas treatment, and waste bi-product procession and disposal.

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