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The Organization for Awareness of
Hazardous Technology Risks 
Symmetric Information: The Key to Understanding Your Risk.

We are an independent research collective focused on community safety,  environmental health, and the efficacy of safety-critical protections.


We specialize in analyzing and communicating the risks that hazardous production, transportation, and storage technologies pose to people and the environment.


HazTechRisk.Org  actively engages with the community through research and communication. Understanding the risks imposed by neighboring hazardous technologies should not be shrouded by impenetrable jargon and/or analytics.

Our Services

Symmetric Information

We deliver onsite and remote audience-specific seminars and lectures on hazardous technology risks.

Risk Analyses

Our collective develops risk analyses that focus on public policy outcomes.  


HazTechRisk.Org actively engages in editorial comment, through OpEd's and Literature  Reviews.


HazTechRisk.Org affiliates actively publish in the engineering, scientific and public policy literature.

Public Comment

HazTechRisk.Org responds to calls for public comment from regulatory agencies responsible for hazardous technology safety.


Our affiliates work at the forefront of engineering modeling, statistics, data analytics, and coding.



Martin A. Wortman, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Director of Stochastic Modeling & Analysis

Marty Wortman joined HazTechRisk.Org following more than three decades in engineering academia. He is a leading authority on reliability, risk, and technology assessment, with particular emphasis on production operations. He has served as consultant to industry and federal agencies/departments including NSF, DOE, DOD, and OSD. He is widely recognized for his research and teaching on predictive probability modeling and connecting operational physics with economic outcomes. He has authored numerous research publications, technical reports and instructional portfolios, and he has served on the editorial boards of the leading journals in his field.

Marty divides his time between Guadalajara, MX and the Gulf Coast of Texas.  In his spare time, he enjoys surf fishing, live music, and Latin American cuisine. 


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Join the Collective?

If you have technical, policy, or communication skills and a passion for protecting community health and the environment, we invite your participation.  We affiliate with experts in STEM and/or Public Policy as Research Fellows, Interns and Editorialists.

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